Welcome to the new Schmiede Corporation website

I’d like to personally welcome all visitors and current customers to the new Schmiede Corporation website.  The new site has been in the works for a few months and was transitioned over last week.  Some of you may have noticed the change.  I hope you like the new site and its appearance.  We will be continuing to add new features to the site in the coming days.

This news page will be the place you can get up to date information of things happening here at Schmiede.  I or our Sales Manager, Steve Williams, will be making regular posts about all kinds of different items whether it be a new machine we have purchased, company expansion, articles about Schmiede, or any other tid bit we feel is newsworthy for our readers.  Stay on the look out for news and changes at Schmiede Corporation.


Schmiede Corporation Webmaster

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