Definitions of Retrofitting, Remanufacturing & Rebuilding

Controls Retrofitting

Older CNC and manual machine tools that are mechanically sound (Good iron) can be retrofitted with the latest control technology and when necessary with new drives, screws, and servomotors. In many cases mechanical enhancements can be utilized that were not available when the machine was originally purchased. Schmiede Corporation has experience with most major brands of CNC, programmable controllers, and digital readouts. Productivity improvement can cost as little as 1/3 the cost of a new machine and a brief machine downtime.

  • Up to 60% production improvement
  • 50%-100% improvement in part accuracy
  • Increased productivity = Higher Profits


Remanufacturing involves disassembling a machine completely down to the basic frame and restoring it to today’s standards. The machine is literally better than new because it incorporates as many modern features as possible found in today’s new equipment.

  • More economical than a new purchase (30-70%)
  • Performance guaranteed as good as or better than new
  • Complete mechanical, hydraulic/pneumatic, and electrical capabilities
  • Electrical & mechanical engineering support


Rebuilding entails restoring a machine to its as-good-as-new condition by repairing and/or replacing worn components to original mechanical specifications and operating conditions. Rebuilds can be complete, partials, component, or subassembly selective. Schmiede’s precision machining services can run your production while your equipment is being rebuilt.

  • Up to 100% part output consistency
  • Decrease downtime and scrap
  • Decrease operator compensation and fatigue
  • Rapid turnaround

The Process

Diagnostics & Evaulation

It begins when the first contact is made through a visit, phone call, and/or email and continues throughout the project. Our estimating specialists have a large database from previous projects permitting fast, accurate, and realistic quotations. However, in some instances it may be necessary to perform some partial disassembly to properly diagnose all deficiencies in the machine tool.

Cleaning & Inspections

All applicable parts of a machine are thoroughly steam cleaned and inspected for wear, flaws, vulnerability to failure, and safe operation. Customers are advised of the condition of parts and our recommendations are subject to their discretion. Defective parts are then replaced or remanufactured to original manufacturer’s specifications. All the work performed will be of the highest standards of the industry. No shortcuts or marginal work is ever contemplated in our rebuild machine tool programs.

Scraping & Alignment

Mating surfaces are machined then hand scraped by craftsmen to assure proper geometric alignments and smooth operations. Alignments are meticulously verified.

Inspection & Testing

Every machine retrofitted, rebuilt, or remanufactured is completely inspected, documented, calibrated, and tested prior to shipment. Functional aspects such as alignments, lubrication, electrical controls, hydraulics or pneumatics, and cosmetics can be verified during customer run-off at our facility along with machine performance on customer supplied production parts.