Process Capabilities

Schmiede has established processing supply lines that enable us to deliver our build-to-print machined parts and assemblies with all of the modern aerospace required non-machining surface treatments, nondestructive testing, and laboratory analyses.

Surface treatments include cadmium plate, anodize, alodine, salt bath aging, chemical etching, and various certified proprietary primers and paints.

Nondestructive testing and laboratory analyses include penetrant inspection, magnaflux, eddy current, ultrasonic, EDM recast layer quantification, X-Ray, and magnetic particle inspection.

In addition Schmiede has non-certified in house process capabilities that include:

  • Stress Relieve
  • Hot Black Oxide
  • Chem-film Touch up
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Hardness Testing – Rc C
  • Environmental Chamber – hot/cold/wet
  • Hard-Chrome Plating
  • Spray Painting – epoxy / enamel
  • Passivation – citrus
  • Sand/bead Blasting
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Schmiede partners with specialty process suppliers when specific specialty certifications are required.

In summary you can rely on Schmiede to deliver your build-to-print machine parts and assemblies complete with all blueprint special process specifications.