How To Determine When It’s Time for Your Machine to Be Refurbished

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How To Determine When It’s Time for Your Machine to Be Refurbished

Do you have a piece of equipment, whether it be manual or CNC that isn’t running like it used to, or costs are piling up for maintenance? If so, it may be time to consider refurbishment from a CNC equipment rebuilder. Refurbishing can get your machines into like-new condition and prevent you from spending cash on costly replacements, in many instances refurbishment can cost a fraction of what a new machine is. In this article, we’re going to discuss five ways of knowing when it’s time to consider refurbishment for your machine.

Increased Downtime

Spending increased time on maintenance and repair is a clear sign that your machine needs some attention. Rebuilders can generally evaluate your equipment to identify the root cause of the downtime and suggest maintenance schedules, repairs or upgrades to prevent further problems. An equipment evaluation by one of our technicians will not only help in identifying issues but also in providing solutions to your machine problems.

It’s crucial to address equipment issues before they get worse, as waiting for repairs can be expensive for manufacturers, both in downtime and extra repair costs. By partnering with a professional rebuilder like Schmiede Corporation, you can make sure that your CNC machine is always operating in good condition, keeping prolonged downtime at bay.

Poor Surface Finish

Poor surface can be a sign of wear in your machine. Meeting your desired quality standards is crucial to your brand image, sales figures and customer satisfaction, so your equipment needs to be capable of producing the quality parts you are demanding from it.  Some of the most common factors behind poor surface finish are worn components such as ways, guides, gib adjustments, backlash, and tooling issues. 

An experienced equipment rebuilding company like Schmiede Corporation can replace worn components, hand fit or scrape your machine surfaces to bring worn equipment back to like new accuracy. This can go a long way in increasing product quality, customer satisfaction and yields, and potentially attracting new customers.

Limited Capabilities

If your CNC machine can’t produce the parts, you need or can’t maintain increased production volumes, it may be time to have your machine retrofitted with modern controls. Outdated technology and lack of functionalities limit production capabilities, curb growth, and reduce your competitiveness in the market.

Rebuilders can in many cases upgrade your equipment to meet the capacity and capability requirements for your production needs with the latest technology, new software or added functionality. You can also get customized specifications to meet your unique production demands, typically for a fraction of the cost of a new piece of equipment.

High Maintenance Costs

As your machine ages, it becomes prone to wear and tear, leading to greater maintenance costs. Replacement parts for an old machine are becoming more challenging to find, significantly increasing time, money, and effort spent. If your machine is breaking down frequently and needing repairs, it may be time for your machine to be refurbished and/or retrofitted, or perhaps you may need to review and enhance your PM program, Schmiede Corporation can help with these solutions and more.

An equipment rebuilder like Schmiede Corporation can replace worn-out components, upgrade software, or add customized accessories to help prevent frequent breakdowns, help reduce downtime, enable lower maintenance costs, and increase machine longevity. Refurbished machines also come with a warranty, ensuring peace of mind when making your investment.

Outdated Control Systems

Outdated controls can impact your overall productivity, speed, and efficiency, affecting your bottom line. An outdated CNC machine may require longer production times, increasing production costs and hurting profit margins.

A CNC equipment rebuilder like Schmiede Corporation can retrofit outdated control systems with modern controls that are compatible with existing machinery. Upgrades include customized software, touchscreen interfaces, predictive analytics, and smart sensors – all technologies that streamline production and detect potential issues early, optimizing efficiency.


Knowing when it’s time for a refurbishment can save you money, time, resources, and provide a substantial boost to your production capacity, efficiency, and quality. Partnering with a professional equipment rebuilder like Schmiede Corporation ensures your equipment is up-to-date, working efficiently and producing highest-quality products possible. Refurbishing can significantly extend the life of your machines for many years and greatly save you lots of money over time on expensive replacements.

If you are interested in refurbishing or maintaining your equipment whether it is a 70-year-old manual machine or a state-of-the-art CNC machine, please do not hesitate to contact us at Schmiede Corporation, as we have been a leading expert in equipment rebuilding for 60 years. Our experienced team of CNC Equipment Rebuilder can provide expert diagnosis, maintenance and repair services for all your equipment needs. So don’t wait, contact us today to schedule a consultation!